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Sell My House Fast Venus TX – Dallas Fort Worth Cash Home Buyer Reviews

Suzanne and Seth sold their Venus Texas house fast! According to the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex couple, when they decided to get a cash offer on their home…

A lot of people at first were like, is this really gonna work for you? Well, it did. Everything that Happy Buy Homes said came true. We had been talking about moving, but he (Seth) doesn’t like change. I had to talk him into it. I looked up we buy houses companies in Dallas Fort Worth and chose three to give me a cash offer on my Venus TX house. Happy Buy Homes gave us the best offer. It’s been really easy. Within 24 hours, Happy Buy Homes said they were interested in buying our house. We told Jen and Tommy how much we wanted to sell our house for, and they said, “no problem.” Within less than two days someone came out to look at the house and made an official offer. It was almost like, DID THIS JUST HAPPEN? It seemed too good to be true.

– Suzanne, Home Seller Venus TX

Sell My Venus TX House in As-In Condition – No Repairs Necessary

Whether your home is in perfect condition or needs major repairs, when you sell your Dallas Fort Worth home to Happy Buy Homes we’ll give you a fair cash offer for your house and you won’t have to spend a dime on repairs. Read what Seth and Suzanne said about the Home Selling Process…

There were repairs that need to be made and it was more than we could do. Then Jen came out. We showed her the repairs that needed to be made and she said it wasn’t a problem. We just went from there.

It was very, very easy for us to sell our house to Happy Buy Homes. We thought we had a whole lot of things that needed to be done. Going the traditional route was going to be difficult for us. I’m a teacher and Suzanne is a probation officer, so it makes it…we’re middle of the road — middle income. You know?

Doing all those repairs up front before we could list it for sale with a realtor would have been very difficult for us. We were looking for a better way and we just happened to call Happy Buy Homes. It sounded like a good way for us to sell our house fast, sounded really good for us. It was a good option.

– Seth and Suzanne, Venus TX Home Seller

Sell My Venus TX House Fast – With No Hassle and No Realtor Fees

Did you have any issues when you sold your Dallas Fort Worth house to Happy Buy Homes for cash?

We decided to close on our house a little bit sooner than what we had initially discussed. Happy Buy Homes helped us close fast, even though it was a last minute decision. We moved when we wanted to.

What was the best part about selling your house fast?

The speed at which it happened! You hear people on the traditional route of going through a realtor. It may be months and months before they sell their house. We had a small window of time where we could get out of our house. We didn’t have to worry about making repairs and whatnot, Happy Buy Homes took care of all that.

All we had to do was sign the papers, pack, and move. Happy Buy Homes did the rest and it was great!

Would you recommend Happy Buy Homes, Dallas Fort Worth cash home buyers to your friends and family?

Yeah. If you can’t go the traditional route, definitely Happy Buy Homes would be a great company to work with. We haven’t had any problems. Everything was so easy. It was extremely easy.

We bought Seth and Suzanne’s Venus TX house and we’d love to make a fair cash offer on your Dallas Fort Worth area home too! For more information, call 817-345-6444 or fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Happy Buy Homes Reviews -  They Helped Me Sell My Dallas Fort Worth House FAST
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