Sell My House Fast Dallas- Comparing The Options.

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Selling a home in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex is no easy task. No matter what, there will always be obstacles during the process of selling a house. Realtors have traditionally dominated the real estate field, leaving a lot of home sellers feeling stuck with a traditional real estate listing. Other home sellers opt to list a For Sale By Owner to avoid paying realtor fees and commissions.

In today’s modern real estate scene, homeowners are beginning to realize that there is a third option for selling your house fast in Dallas Fort Worth – selling to a real estate investor for cash.

This article will compare all three options and compare. If you need to “sell my house fast Dallas”, read below to help you choose the best option.

Real Estate Agents – Dallas Fort Worth

These experts are brokers who help home sellers find buyers. When you want to sell a home, you can find a reliable agent to list your home on the MLS and other home selling platforms. They will then advertise it and wait for an interested entity to contact them.

These interested parties do not always buy since some of the requests for funding from financial institutions that eventually reject their requests.

This process can take an unlimited time since the home can stay on the listings for years before a serious client buys it.

If you finally find a serious buyer, the real estate agents will oversee through the whole process and charge their service fee as a percentage of the total amount received.

Doing It Yourself.

This involves doing the work done by a real estate agent by yourself and pocketing the amount you would have paid them.

It is hectic since you might not advertise your home using the right methods and getting a client could be difficult.

It works if you know someone who would want to buy the house and do not have to advertise it.

The downfall of using this method is that you might not be conversant with the complexities involved in the real estate selling process, something that will make it hard for you and could drag the deal for long.


Here at Happy Buy Homes, we offer you a better way of getting money for your house fast.

We are better than the mentioned methods since we provide you a simple, stress-free, quick and safe way of selling your home.

There are no middlemen involved, and we are the actual buyers.

The process is simple, and it begins when you contact us by filling a short form on our site.

We will plan to conduct an inspection of the home and then give you an offer based on our findings.

If you accept the offer, we go ahead and finalize on the paperwork after which you will receive the whole amount in cash at the end of it all.

The process can take as short as one week if you respond well.

If I want to sell my house fast Dallas, I would have to pick the homebuyers option.

This method addresses all the flaws seen with the other two methods and also offers you a quick, safe and efficient way of getting money for your house.

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