Sell House As Is – Dallas Fort Worth

Sell House As Is – Dallas Fort Worth

There are many benefits to sell a house as is in Dallas Fort Worth. Watch the video for more information on how to sell your house as is without making repairs in Dallas Fort Worth.

Sell My House Fast Dallas Fort Worth - Without Making Repairs
Video Transcription

How to Sell House As Is Dallas Fort Worth – Transcript

Hi, this is Blake with Happy Buy Homes. I just wanted to touch on how you sell a house as-is. When you sell a house as-is, you’re not having to do anything to the property to sell the house so you could leave it exactly the way it is right now. You know the beauty of art that is you’re not spending any money on the house, you’re not having to spend your time, your money, your energy or really any of your resources on making this property something that you can turn around and sell.

Sell My House Fast Dallas Fort Worth – We Buy Houses

sell house as is
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An as-is buyer, like ourselves, we are cash home buyers. We give cash offers on our properties. That may not necessarily be something you would want to do if you were going to turn around and list it with a realtor and then maybe sell it to a first time home buyer like Joe and Susie.

Realistically, it’s going to go to an investment firm like ourselves because we have to spend a lot of capital, not always, to turn around and make the home something that someone would then want to purchase it at on the open market. Now the thing with as is, and the reason you wouldn’t want to spend any money on this, the problem is: Say you had a roof and the roof was in okay shape. It wasn’t necessarily leaking but it wasn’t the prettiest roof ever. Or maybe you had your walls needed to be painted and you just decided that you wanted to touch up the walls in a few places or something and spend that time or repaint one of the rooms.

The problem is that may not really affect how much we were actually able to offer you because ultimately, in most scenarios, we’re just going to go ahead and paint the interior entirely anyways. So short of you painting the entire interior of your home, it may not affect your value as much. And even if you did, keep in mind that I deal with so many homes, I have a lot of buying power with my contractors and so you may end up spending more money and time actually getting these rooms painted than I ever would have spent doing it myself.

So the repairs and improvements that you have made cost you more money than adds value to me. Long story short, selling your house as-is a great way to get out of a property quickly, efficiently, and saving you money because ultimately I’m here to help you get into your next home or to wherever you want to be in order to get out of that property efficiently.

Sell Your House As Is Today

So if you’re looking to sell your house as-is in Dallas Fort Worth, please give me a call. My name is Blake here with Happy Buy Homes, or just inquire on our website at We’d love to hear from you and just reach out and talk to you a little bit, see if your property is something that would fit in our portfolio and we’d be able to help you out.


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