Moving With A Dog: Tips For New Homeowners

moving with a dog
The process of selling your house and moving to a new one can be very stressful for fur babies. Photo via Pixabay

At Happy Buy Homes we are huge dog lovers and we do everything we can to eliminate sources of anxiety for your pets when we buy your home.  While our Moving Money Program is designed to help you pay for moving expenses, there isn’t a lot that can be done to ease the emotional burden on your pets during this transition. That is why when Cindy Aldridge from asked to write a guest blog with tips for moving with a dog, we couldn’t resist!

Moving With A Dog: Tips For New Homeowners

Guest Blogger – Cindy Aldridge,

Moving is serious business; it’s a lot of work, it can be costly, and it’s the beginning of a major life change for you and your family. There’s a lot to think about and prepare for before moving to your new home. If you have a pet, a good plan is a must.

For new homeowners, planning out the move and making sure you can orchestrate it while keeping your dog safe and happy is important. Not only that, but you’ll also need to make sure you can get him ready for all the impending changes so he’s not overcome by anxiety, which can make life harder for everyone during this time.

It can be helpful to make a list of all the things you need to take care of. Getting organized is the first step toward making sure your pet is okay with the move and that you can get through it with minimal stress. Need some help getting started? Here are some tips.

Give Your Dog Plenty of Exercise 

Your dog likely has lots of energy, which may not translate well to having to sit in a crate while you prepare to move to your new home, or for being left alone while you run errands. To ensure moving day goes smoothly, give your dog lots of exercise in the days leading up to the big one. Take him for a long walk or let him have the run of the backyard on a nice day so he’ll tire himself out before it’s time for you to get things done. On moving day, ask a friend to pet sit or just to come over and keep him entertained so he won’t interfere with the movers.

Bring The Comforts of Home

It may be tempting to buy a new bed and toys for your pet, but with all the changes that a move brings, it’s best to keep his favorite things, at least for a little while. Place them in areas similar to where they were in your former home to make things less confusing after the move. For instance, if his bed was under the living room window, put it there in your new place. Your new home will soon become your pet’s comfort zone; once this happens, you can replace worn and torn toys and bedding.

Talk to the Movers

You’ll want to talk to the movers about your pet to make sure they know where Rover will be on moving day. You might choose to keep him in a crate or simply closed up in a room during all the activity, but the movers need to know, especially if your dog is temperamental or has an issue with new people. Let your helpers know ahead of time what breed your dog is and make sure there are no problems.

Stick to a Routine

Moving day can be stressful for everyone, so try to stick to a routine as closely as possible. That means asking a friend or family member to take your pet on a walk at the usual time, making sure meals are on schedule, and taking a few minutes to play and relax. This will be beneficial to both you and your dog. If you’re unable to find a friend or family member to take your pup for a walk, consider hiring a professional dog walker.

Give them some quiet

If possible, let your pet stay in a quiet room on moving day while all the activity is going on. Choose a room that’s the furthest away from all the action so he can relax and keep from worrying about strangers in the house. But don’t forget to check in on him from time to time, or ask a friend to hang out with your pup for a while. For more tips on keeping your dog happy on moving day, the ASPCA has you covered.

Prepare for an Adjustment Period

Even though you’ve done all you can to make the moving process easier, it’s likely that your pet will still be stressed. As he adjusts to life in the new home, you might notice a good deal of shedding, which is a sign of stress. Make sure you buy a quality vacuum cleaner that eliminates pet hair, by comparing models and their reviews online.

Moving is a big job; keeping your cool is imperative. Take breaks when you need them and ask for help when it’s necessary. Taking on more than you can handle will only serve to add more stress to the day.

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