How to Sell a House With Liens in Dallas TX

How to Sell a House With a Lien - Dallas Fort Worth
Video Transcription

Blake: Hi, this is Blake with Happy Buy Homes, and today I wanted to talk about selling your house with a lien on it. So first of all, what is a lien? Well, by definition it is a right to keep possession of property belonging to another person until a debt owed by that person is discharged.

So let’s break that down. Basically, let’s say you installed solar panels on your property or got a new roof or swimming pool put in, something where it is physically on your home or in your home or work done to your home. Then you are making payments on it because you haven’t finished paying it off.

Or maybe it’s a tax lien because you are behind on tax payments.  Perhaps you missed payments on another bill of some sort and they’ve taken you to court to put a lien on your house. All that basically means to you is that in order to sell your home, that debt has to be paid. And that’s where I can help you sell your house, even if it has a lien against it.

Happy Buy Homes can buy your house as-is. You won’t have to put another penny into repairs and you won’t have to worry about liens against the property.  Happy Buy Homes also covers all closing costs associated with the sale of your home. Lastly, Happy Buy Homes is familiar with purchasing homes with liens and we pay cash so we don’t have to worry about bank financing falling through.

If you want to sell your house fast in Dallas TX, we are prepared to make a cash offer…even if the home has liens against it. Call 817-345-6444 for more information or fill out the form below for a fast cash offer on your house today.

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