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If you find yourself asking, “How can I sell my house fast?” in Dallas TX, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you are relocating, facing financial hardships, or experiencing medical issues. Whatever the reason, understand that buyers may try to jump on your motivated seller status if you don’t position your property right. Here is how to sell your house fast in Dallas.

How Can I Sell My House Fast In Dallas

Get Smart About Your List Price

If you are asking, “I need to sell my house fast, what do I do?” then you want to be realistic about the fair market value of your home. Don’t let emotion take over when deciding the asking price for your house. Work with a solid real estate agent who understands how to price homes in the current market. List your house just below market value to gain maximum attention from potential buyers.

In today’s modern real estate climate, buyers do a lot of online research themselves. Make sure your home is the best price per square foot and condition for sale in your neighborhood.  With the right strategy, you can create a buying frenzy and sell your house fast!

Declutter Your House to Sell Fast

“What can I do to sell my house fast?”

How Can I Sell My House Fast Dallas TX

Most people understand that clean homes sell faster than those with an inch of dust on the baseboards, but few home sellers realize that exessive clutter (even if it’s clean clutter) is a major turn off to potential buyers. We agree, your kids are adorable, but buyers want to imagine their family in the home – not yours. Go ahead and pack the family photos, put away knick-knacks, and get organized.

Homes with clutter do not feel open and inviting. Some Dallas Fort Worth sellers opt to rent a storage unit for a couple of months to store everything but the essentials for daily living. Don’t hesitate to donate and throw out whatever no longer serves you.

When decluttering your home, remember to clear all walkways and hallways. You can leave a few neutral decorative items on shelves and counters, but that’s it. If you want to sell your house fast, you will also want to deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen. Don’t forget to clean the pantry and medicine cabinet too! Toss out old magazines from the coffee table and go through closets to get rid of those suits that haven’t fit in 10 years.

Sell your house fast by streamlining the contents within your home. Remove bulky or extra furniture and extensive pictures and art on the walls.

Clean Top to Bottom to Sell Your House Fast in Dallas TX

Sell my house as is condition Dallas Fort Worth Arlington TXOnce you clear out the clutter, you will find an overwhelming amount of dust bunnies, grime, and just plain ick! Take the time to clean the house. This goes beyond what you do in the 10 minutes before your friends come over for a cup of coffee.

Scrub bathroom and kitchens spotless. Toilets, bathtubs, and showers should be clean and free of any stains, residue or build up. Vacuum, sweep and mop all tile and hardwood floors. Vacuum and clean carpet, professionally to remove any stains and give it as new of a look as possible. If walls are dirty, take a diluted bleach solution and wipe them down. Make sure all windows and screens are clear with drapes pulled back allowing all the natural light to fill the room.

When you are done on the inside, do the same on the outside. Clear the landscaping from any overgrown trees, bushes, and weeds. Maintain the grass and plants throwing down fresh mulch where needed and fertilize everything. Remove items laying around porches, patios, and yards. Potential buyers aren’t interested in your kid’s dump truck scene, sorry.

Hire a Professional to Take Photos for the MLS Listing

Scan through real estate websites and take a glimpse of what homes catch your eye. You’ll see a plethora of photos of homes where the bathroom counter looks like a pharmacy, the kitchen looks like a grease fire is about to happen and the yard looks like Big Foot is hiding out. Would you race to see that home?

Probably not. But even homes that are decluttered and clean can still get a greater buzz when the photos are high quality. Real estate photographers will capture a home from the angles that make it look bigger, brighter and with the flow of life that we all want.

If you are looking to sell your house fast, make sure it is presentable to all potential buyers.

“I need to sell my house fast, and I don’t have time to wait.”

If you don’t have the time, money, or desire to list your house for sale, there is another way. Consider an all cash offer from Dallas homebuyers.

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